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The world is online, are you?

Everyone in town knows that your business has exactly what they are looking for. But what about the people who are visiting and haven't heard of you yet?

Put your business in the hands and eyes of people searching for your products and services. Think about the last time you visited someplace new, you probably googled "top 10 restaurants near me". When you last ordered your mom flowers, you searched online for local florists in her hometown. When you needed to fix your leaky sink you searched for the nearest hardware store's hours. 

A website will help your business rank higher on a Google search. Today we are constantly relying on the internet to tell us where to eat, what to buy, and how to get to there. Your business deserves to be found in those searches.  

Work with Thyme Savings to get an affordable, mobile-friendly website that your customers can use to find you and rave about your store!

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I'm Liz, a Registered Dietitian, Copy Writer, and Website Designer.

Do the people on your email list really know you?

Do you need to increase your sales, but can’t seem to increase your open rates?

Are you constantly pushing off sending out emails to the people on your list because there simply isn’t enough time in the day?

I’m Liz Burkland, a Registered Dietitian who writes nurturing email sequences for RD entrepreneurs. Since becoming a Dietitian, I’ve noticed that RDs need help spreading our message. We offer incredibly important expertise in a field saturated with bad information coming from the media, influencers, concerned friends, and so-called nutritionists. In order to break through the nonsense and provide evidence-based nutrition counseling and research-driven products, we need to connect with our audience.

Email marketing is the only way that you are guaranteed to own your traffic. Through email, you can trust that your message is reaching your people’s inbox. However, in order for them to open your emails, you need to do a little nurturing first. This is often where RDs start to worry and spend way too much time trying to figure out the details.

With Thyme Savings, you can trust that your email sequence is written by someone who understands exactly what an RD offers her clients. Through an automated, nurturing email sequence, you can expect higher open rates and more sales. Your subscribers will actually enjoy reading your emails and look forward to the next email in the sequence. They’ll learn more about you and your business and trust that what you’re selling is worth the investment.

If all this sounds good to you, let’s get on a call and talk about saving time in your business and nurturing your email list.

What it's like to work with me

“I had been using an email website that I wasn’t happy with, turns out it works great you just need someone who knows what to do on it, which Liz has been great at. She has the knowledge and capabilities that let her do awesome work and help my business market to people outside the area. I have had people come into my store just because they saw my email and it caught their interest. It has been a great thing for me as I do not have the patience or time for this kind of work. It’s a great working relationship. I would definitely recommend using Liz Burkland.”

Emily Hanes, Owner, The HallTree

“From our first meeting, I knew that Liz would be the perfect person to help me develop the main email funnel for my meal planning software business. The fact that Liz is also a Dietitian, really helped her understand my business needs and the audience I was trying to attract. Liz took the extra steps to truly understand my business. The final product was an excellent string of emails that now have a much higher open rate than my previous attempt. If you are like me and struggling with email marketing, do not hesitate to consult with Liz.”

Suzanne Fisher, Owner, Fisher Nutrition Systems Professional Meal Planning Software



Ready to increase your sales with an email sequence or get more eyes on your services with a website?