Increase your sales with an awesome email sequence

The right email sequence will help you increase your sales while connecting deeper with your clients so you can help them reach their health goals.

You get an email sequence of 8 emails, including 2 that speak to your non-buyers which will help you increase your sales and learn more about how you can help your clients reach their health goals.

You gain more clients who are excited to use your product/program/service which will help you provide better nutrition counseling or evidence-based meal plans to more people.

Work with a copywriter who understands how health professionals truly help their clients because I am a Registered Dietitian which will help you find comfort knowing that your clients will be reading emails that are written by someone you trust.

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You’re concerned about the investment. It’s great to be cautious in your business when it comes to investing money. However, an email sequence is something you get to use OVER and OVER again to bring in MORE SALES. You can set it up as an automation that starts going to your subscribers when they opt-in to your email list, or when you tag them into a group. This way, you get to go on autopilot for a while and your program/product/service keeps selling itself. Plus, you can trust that these emails are fulfilling their intention (to increase your conversions) because they have been written by a copywriter.

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But what if…

You may be worried about letting someone else talk to the list you’ve so carefully built. You know your clients better than anyone else so you’re concerned that letting another person write your sequence won’t possibly connect with your clients the way that you do. That is completely understandable. As a Registered Dietitian, I know that health professionals often connect deeply with clients as you work together. We will have a 1-2 hour kickoff call before your sequence is written. During this call, you’ll answer several questions about yourself, your business, and of course, your clients. You’ll give me all the details on your clients, their struggles, and how your product/program/service helps them push through their struggles and reach their goals. You will also get to proof the emails before the final draft so it 100% sounds like you are still the one speaking to your clients. 


If you aren’t happy with the way your email sequence is performing after 100 people go through your sequence, let me know. If we can’t solve the issue, you’ll get your money back!